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With the start of school just around the corner, it’s time to take a step back and reassess our beauty habits.  First up on our list? At-home manicures.  While there are many things that can go wrong with a DIY mani (sometimes just getting the lid off proves a challenge…), there’s one major problem in particular that I want to focus on today: bubbling.  The “b-word” of the lacquer world, bubbling can happen to gurus and novices alike.  Bubbles usually form during the drying process when air gets trapped in your polish and rises to the surface.  Old, thick nail polish and unclean nails are other reasons why these annoying bubbles can occur.

But don’t pack away your polishes just yet – bubbles can be avoided.  Just make sure to do these 5 things and you’ll be on the road to smooth, professional-looking nails in no time! ^_^

  • Use nail polish remover before you start—even if your nails are already bare. This little trick will help soak up any excess moisture and create a clean surface for your nail polish.
  • Don’t shake your nail polish bottle right before applying it – this causes air bubbles to form.  If you need to mix it, roll it between your hands.
  • Apply thin coats. If the coat is too thick, the top portion will dry long before the bottom. This traps the solvents in the polish that need to evaporate in order for it to dry properly, leading to tiny bubbles.  
  • Stay away from fans or open windows for the same reason as above — if only the top portion of your polish is drying, bubbles are more likely to form.


For more Do’s and Don’ts of nail polish, click here.

Have you ever dealt with nail polish bubbles before? Share your solution in the comments below.

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