Skincare 101: The Truth About Pore Size

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Today I’m addressing the age-old skincare concern that has been a topic of frequent discussion in the Forum, How To Reduce Your Pores. Well everyone, here’s the cold, hard truth: you can’t permanently reduce pore size. But there are things you can do to make your pores appear smaller.

Pores look more obvious when they are clogged. The key to diminishing the appearance of your pores is keeping them clean. Clay masks draw out impurities and toners clean up anything your cleanser left behind. But these products can be drying, so stick to a regimen that includes a weekly mask and use toner about every other day. Here are some great products you can incorporate into your routine:



Once you’ve got clean pores you’ll want to keep them that way. In order to keep pores from getting clogged, a good cell turnover rate must be maintained. So look for products that exfoliate the skin and boost cellular turnover to prevent the build-up of dead skin, like the gel and lotion picture above.

And if you prefer to take a more natural approach to your pores, check out my DIY beauty treatments to reduce the appearance of pores HERE!

What products do you like for reducing the appearance of pores? Share your favorites in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Medicina Estetica


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