The start of summer means tank tops and bare wrists – aka time to let your arm candy shine.  A bold blend of bangles can instantly up an outfit’s ante, but it’s difficult to keep the final effect polished when you’ve been mixing and matching.  For a chic, put-together look every time, try one of these three methods:


1.) Heavy Metal –
It’s practically taboo to wear silver and gold together, but combining these metals on your wrist can be surprisingly fresh.  Choose one metal as the foundation for your look and layer on a few bangles in that shade.   Add a pop of color, then finish off with a bold piece in a contrasting metal (in this case, a silver watch).


2.) Texturize –
For a more bohemian feel, pile on the woven bracelets and playful patterns.  Nothing pairs better with bright braids than sleek metal – add an industrial-inspired silver cuff (or two) to complete your look.


3.) Watch It – In this method, make a bold watch the focal point and go from there.  Play up the glam factor with gold accents, or tone it down with delicate beads – just make sure the embellishments complement the watch and don’t overwhelm it!

For even more arm candy inspiration, click here.

Which of these looks would you wear?  How do you pile on your arm candy? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Mish

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