Life has been busier than ever – with my book tour and all the Halloween mania, it’s harder than ever to break away for even a moment. It’s also a huge reminder not to lose sight of what’s important, and for me that means my relationships. I realize how busy all of my friends and subbies are too, so it seems like a good time to share what’s vital when it comes to keeping and improving close friendships and relationships with others.

Tips for Strengthening Relationships

The first step to a strong relationship with anyone you care about is to talk. Communicate in-person and never underestimate the value of coffee dates! They’re essential! Communication shouldn’t stop at texts or social media. There’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction, and while online you may think a relationship is strong, it’s not always the case. All too often we let school or work and other activities get in the way of what’s truly necessary for relationships. At the very least, arranging a hangout with a friend to catch up can clear the air in regards to any miscommunications that may have happened via virtual conversations.

It may be easy to do with your bestie, but with old friends and those you don’t see often, it’s easier said than done. You’re both at different points of your lives but in order to remain close – even at a distance – try to be as flexible as possible. Even just a quick meet up will leave you so relieved that you both had the chance to update each other. Further, be there for the BIG moments. If something’s important to them, don’t brush it off. Being present for life-changing moments is key – you can never make up for those memories.

Another tip is to let go of the past. If trust (or some other aspect of a relationship with your friend, partner or family) is damaged, it can seem impossible to repair. But if both of you really want to move on and be close again, let go of the past. You can’t control whether the other person reciprocates, but you CAN give an effort. The structure of your connection may be forever changed, but you still have the power to stay close regardless.

Lastly, keep in mind that people change – even you. It’s a constant evolution. Like I said in my post, 10 Things To Remember This School Year, try to keep an open mind. Doing so may lead to a realization that some relationships are never going to be what they once were, but it also gives you the opportunity to welcome and strengthen new, fresh ones with people who fit better with your personal evolution.

I hope these tips help with your relationships!

<3 Mish

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