How to Tightline Your Eyes


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Hi everyone,

Tightlining your eyes is an easy way to give the illusion of fuller, darker lashes. The idea may scare some people, but it’s really quite easy. Here’s how:

When it comes to tightlining, I prefer to use gel liner, because it’s not as tough or abrasive as regular liner. So, begin by warming up your gel liner to melt the product down a bit for easier application. Gently pushing your eyelid back, line your upper waterline. All you are doing and simply applying liner to the underside of your lash line, as opposed to over it.

To form a perfect and accurate line, practice your brush strokes ahead of time. I recommend practicing on the inside of your forearm where the skin is the smoothest. Once you are ready, create a precise line with your eyeliner brush through a series of use many short, thin brush strokes. That’s it!

Do you ever tightline your eyes? What are your tips for doing so?

<3 Mish

  • ember321

    It’s very hard for me to do my upper waterline. Doing the bottom waterline is not a problem at all, but whenever I try to do the upper waterline it always hurts. I also blink a lot, which causes me to always smudge the liner. Any advice?

    • Seme

      I recommend using l’oreal voluminous smoldering eyeliner, or any other eyeliner that is really soft and smooth and just holding the pencil up to the inner side of your upper lashes and closing your eye and just running the pencil along the length of your eyelashes. thats the way i tightline my eyes and it works really well and is completely pain free :)

  • SuzieQ

    When I try to do my bottom waterline it seems like no matter what product I try it will not stick except close to my lashes. Its like the closer to my eyeball the less the product shows up, not even waterproof stays put! (grrrr) I don’t like liquid because it always ends up in my eye and on my contacts and it burns :’( Any suggestions?


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