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Here at, we love it when our members share their beautiful, unique, and inspiring photos. If you’re obsessed with makeup, love to get dressed up, or can’t watch enough beauty tutorials, we want to see how you capture your beauty and fashionista moments. Luckily, we’ve made it easy to share your pics with Team Michelle Phan, your fellow members, and Michelle herself! Take a peek at our instruction guide below to get started. Who knows, you might even see your photo pop up in a Member Spotlight post…

In order to start sharing your beautiful photos, you first need to be a member. Click here to sign up now!

Once you’re an official member, you can start uploading and sharing your photos…

How to Upload & Share Photos 

  1. First, visit your profile page by clicking “My Profile” on the top right of the homepage:

  2. Click on “Photos” from the rundown list on the left:
  3. Next, click “+ New Photo” on the top right of your profile:
  4. Now click “Select Photo” to choose your desired photo. Select the album you’d like the photo to appear in or create a new album for the photo:
  5. You can either upload a photo from your desktop by choosing “Browse” or upload a photo from the optional accounts:
  6. After you find your desired photo, click “Insert Photo”:
  7. Now give your photo a catchy title and a description of what it’s all about. Select the album where you would like it to upload and click “Add Photo.”
  8. Congrats, you did it!! Your photo should now look like this:

How to Upload & Share Videos

  1. Click the “Videos” tab on your profile page:

  2. Click “Add Video” on the top right of your profile:
  3. Now click “Select Video” to choose your desired clip:
  4. You may select your video either from your Facebook or YouTube accounts:
  5. will then connect to the account you choose, where you can select the video and click “Insert Video.”
  6. After inserting your video, you will be back on your profile where you can click the “save” button to save the video to your profile.


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Happy sharing!


Photo Source: Etsy


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