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Last month, Make Up For Ever introduced a line of glow-in-the-dark makeup that looks so fun to try and really easy to work with. Fluo Night (available at Sephora) is a fluorescent powder that glows in the dark under UV light. It comes in seven colors, plus an “invisible” white color:


To use, all you have to do is blend the powder into your regular makeup. It’s powder format means you can put it anywhere, really; patting it into your lipstick, mixing it into your eyeshadow powder, and applying it to the tips of your hair are just few fun ideas!


Applying the makeup isn’t the tricky part; finding the UV light that activates it is! Laser tag, anyone?

How would you apply glow in the dark makeup?

<3 Mish

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Photos: via weheartit; makeupforever.com; via Google Images

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