The link between tech and your skin isn’t a new one. Ever since people started getting attached – yes, physically attached – to landlines and then soon after flip phones, we’ve put ourselves in front of yet another skin threat. But recent research shows just what type of risk our tech poses to the look, feel and health of our skin – along with new things to consider. After all, I think I speak for all of us with serious commitments to our phones – we probably won’t be ditching our tech any time soon.

How Your Tech Is Hurting Your Skin | Michelle Phan

It’s a Vehicle for Bacteria – Think of how much your cell phone, laptop, or iPad touches: surfaces, the inside of your bag, anything that’s spilled on it, anyone else you let use it, etc. Now think of how much you touch – door knobs, faucets, hands you shake, what you eat. Your tech and your hands make contact with each use, transporting bacteria both ways. And in the case of your phone, it’s transferring the bacteria right to your face. The solution? It’s simple. Finally get serious about regularly using tech cleansing wipes. I’ll assume you’re already washing your hands!

It’s Messing Up Your Makeup – No one wants to spend their entire mornings on a skin and beauty regimen only to have it negated by a long phone call. But unless you’re super minimal with makeup, it can easily be peeled off by your cell phone – where it gets stuck and clings to everything that gets on your phone (see above!). And then what? It gets transferred back to your skin. While going makeup-free is the only way to fully prevent mishaps, a good primer and setting spray can both help decrease the chances of it clinging to your phone instead. And when it does happen, get the makeup off your phone when on the go with Savvy Traveler wipes or another travel sized cleaner.

It’s Making You More Susceptible – Here’s a surprising one. A new study showed that holding your phone or tablet in front of you while sunbathing UV rays by up to 85%. How cray is THAT? There hasn’t been much research to support whether that makes you more susceptible to skin cancer – yet – but you can definitely burn at a much higher rate, and given that UV rays can mean increased presence of skin cancer, it wouldn’t be too crazy to conclude. Exactly why I could go on for hours about the importance of proper sun protection. For those tanning with tech, it’s even more pressing than ever thought before.

Scary, huh? All the more reason to get serious about your basic skincare routine!

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