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Andy Warhol is one of my absolute favorite artists because his work shocked people out of their usual habits, and he used so many different mediums to get his message across. Also, his colors are BEYOND amazing. Can you imagine what a beauty look inspired by everything Warhol would look like?! Well, I imagine lots and lots of color. Here’s my Andy Warhol mood board to get the creativity going: 


Creating a look to capture the spirit of Andy Warhol would definitely be a little transformative, so this could be a great look for a fun party or a concert. Here are the beauty products that I would use to create a Warhol-inspired look:



Think of this look as the color blocking of makeup. Create a dark smokey eye using the Lancôme eye palette, but also line the upper lashes with the neon green Nars eye pencil. Add a small amount of the Clinique eyeliner to the outer edges of the upper lash line—go for a cat eye if you want! The face should be matte and almost one-dimensional, so skip the contouring and use the soft pale blush. Go for a matte orange-red lipstick to top off the pop art look. Throw on a pair of massive chandelier earrings and maybe even a fake beauty mark to channel your inner Edie Sedgwick!

Will you try this Andy Warhol-inspired look? Show me your final look in the comments section.

<3 Mish

Photo Sources: The Taylor Gallery, Gala Darling, Biography, Andy Warhol


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