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The thing I love about beauty is that it’s everywhere. When creating a look, all we need to do is look to the world around us for inspiration. Whether it’s nature, cinema, literature, or art, inspiration is always waiting just around the corner.

Someone that’s always inspired me is the Golden Age Dutch painter, Johannes Vermeer. His paintings are subtle, but the light trajectory is just so beautiful. It causes an emotional reaction in the viewer. The women he’s painted, from The Girl With a Pearl Earring to Woman Reading a Letter to The Kitchen Maid, all have a simple yet ethereal look about them. There is something about the way Vermeer painted that makes even the most mundane task seem elegant and delicate.



The Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

I like to think about Vermeer’s paintings when I’m doing my makeup. We all get so busy, tired, and stressed (especially now that summer is over and the new school year has begun), that sometimes we rush through the process of caring for and beautifying ourselves. Take a look at the women that Vermeer has painted, and notice how the light catches their faces, bringing out the contouring and the bone structure that makes every woman uniquely beautiful. Try to think about this next time you’re going through your own morning routine. Remember, makeup isn’t a mask – it’s a way to enhance the beautiful features that we already have. : )

What inspires you when you put your makeup on in the morning? Let me know in the comments section!

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