As much as I could talk all day about beauty and fashion, I’ve been wanting to update my site with more lifestyle topics so that I can share other tips and tricks for everyday life. One of the topics I’ve had on my to-blog list for quite some time is interiors and décor. The place you live, where you rest your head at night, has an influence on your mood and how you feel altogether. I’m a firm believer that because of this, you should make it your favorite place to be, even if that means working with a small space or design challenges.

So today I’m talking about one of my favorite home décor trends, geometric shapes! Clean lines and a little color can transform a room and brighten a mood. And there are many ways to go geometric in any space. Check them out below… and don’t forget to leave a comment on what home topics you’d like to see in the future!

101 Woonideeen

Pair geometric shapes with bright colors and bold graphics for a fun, playful design. While they can be minimal, I like to mix color in with all of the patterns. Wouldn’t a room like this put a smile on your face every day?


Think details. Purchase (or DIY) some flower pots like these ones from Hunt & Bow to breathe life into (pun intended ;)) your indoor outdoor space. Mixing them with solid colors or metallics makes for a great focal point in a room.

Washi Tape Wall

Two words: washi tape. Decorate a white wall with clean lines by creating shapes out of jet black strips of tape. You can adorn a whole wall or simply a section that just lacks color. This works in dorms, too, because washi tape is easy to peel right off surfaces (just make sure to test it first!).

Young House Love

Pack it all in. Aren’t sure whether to go for triangles, squares or other geometric shapes? Gather pieces in different colors and styles and arrange them so that the different forms complement each other. Play off of the clean lines by adding curves, like this round pendant light, for an element of surprise.

Geometric Garland

This DIY garland has so many interesting elements, with different shapes and colors draped softly over an almost blank wall. The simple furniture pieces and minimal rug pair perfectly against such a bold statement. It looks amazing as the backdrop for a seating area!

How do you decorate your space? Share with me in the comments!

<3 Mish
Photos: 101 woonideeenHunt & BowRueYoung House LoveDesignLoveFest

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