Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a chance to watch my latest nail tutorial where I showed you how to make Monet-inspired nail art. I thought it might be a good idea to break this video down step-by-step on my site, so you can get a better idea of how to recreate this look at home.

Good luck!

Step 1. You want to start with a sky blue base coat on all of your nails. Get a bunch of colors laid out – blues, greens, yellows – so you’re ready to blend and paint accordingly. Also, have a few photos of impressionist paintings for inspiration in your workspace to glance at.


Step 2. With your dark blue color and a painter’s sponge, apply the darker shade over the base coat. This will create depth to the water portion of your art.

Step 3. Use a lighter green color to create water lilies and be sure to keep your strokes really soft/skinny, because you’re pretty much putting an entire painting on your tiny nail canvas. I recommend using a very small brush to paint these details.

Step 4. Using a white color, add a few dots to give the effect of a sparkling reflection on the water.


Step 5. Here I’m using magenta dots for flowers on the water lilies with a little touch of yellow.

Step 6. Applying a clear topcoat gives a beautiful effect because it melts the product together and blends everything for a really soft finish.


What I love about impressionist paintings is how it’s really all about creating an image that looks like something from far away, but when you come up close, it’s just clusters of color and paints. So don’t feel intimidated if your art isn’t perfect. It’s all about small strokes, dots, and blending with a top coat at the end. Have fun with it!

*Cool bonus trick – Using tweezers, take small bits of dried flowers and a little bit of glitter, and place/paint it on the nail. It kind of resembles real flowers and compensates the look, not to mention adds some glam to the finished product!





Who are your favorite painters? What techniques can you recreate on your nails?


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