Do you struggle with large pores? There are a couple simple treatments to reduce the appearance of your pores that you can make easily at home. I’ve found success with both of these methods, and hope they will help you too! Here they are:

1. DIY Clay Mask

Remember my kitty litter mask tutorial (yes, kitty litter)? It works!! Kitty litter is made of bentonite clay, a natural substance formed from volcanic ash. It’s highly absorbent, known for its detoxifying ingredients, and when it dries on your skin, it is incredibly effective at tightening up your pores. Here’s a refresher on how to make it:

2. DIY Egg White Treatment


You can also use egg whites to treat large pores. Just beat a few egg whites until they are frothy and apply the stuff on your face. Wait for the treatment to dry (you’ll be able to tell by how it feels and tightens on your skin), and rinse. That’s it!

Your skin is going to love you!

What’s the wackiest mask you’ve ever applied? Share in the comments below!

Photo at top created with a photo from Denéden Burmese

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