Looking for jobs or new opportunities can be tedious, especially when you’re on the hunt for the perfect project or position to match not only your passions, but your skills and expertise too. It can be beneficial to take a step back every now and then and look at the big picture – what universal skills do you have to offer (and improve upon)? These are some of the most important ones in my opinion, and here’s why they can help you get ahead – no matter the position.

Life Skills You Can Apply To Any Job

Knowing How to Share

Simple, I know, but stay with me here! From the time we’re toddlers faced with sharing our toys, we begin a life of sharing, collaboration and compromise. It’s a beautiful thing, really. You have to be willing to share ideas to contribute meaningful work and share your secrets to success in order to inspire others. You have to share your failures to teach others lessons too, and share your desk space and maybe even your lunch every now and then. Being able to do this in essentially any context opens the door to opportunity and of course, makes you a worthy candidate.

Conflict Resolution

Another crucial life stkill, the ability to problem solve both in the real world and the workplace is big in any job, from being a cashier at a store to managing a team of employees, and yes working in beauty too. Just like in your personal life, being faced with people who disagree with you (and even haters) in the workplace is bound to happen. Knowing how to deal is key.

Money Management

Yep, even if you don’t work in finance. First of all, managing money responsibly requires a great amount of planning, critical thinking and willpower – and it can mean the difference between overspending and staying within your means. Those skills transfer to any work whether or not you actually crunch numbers or handle cash, because they mean you can organize and delegate when needed. At the very least, it will certainly come in handy every pay day!

Having Fast Reflexes

Physically having good reflexes is especially helpful if your work is physical but I’m really talking your mental reflex. Having a fast reaction time is one indicator of mental strength. It means you can literally handle anything thrown your way, in work and in life. Being able to react successfully to unexpected scenarios also means mentally processing those conflicts so you don’t do anything crazy.


We could definitely all be more compassionate toward one another. In a world of conflict, it’s hard enough to find good news, but working toward understanding your peers will benefit you in the long run. At work, you’ll be able to think more about a coworker or supervisor’s feelings and actions, leading to a better ability to work with them. Practicing this in your daily life, simply by trying to see someone else’s perspective and empathize with them, is also worthy of honing in on at the office.

Hope these help next time you’re updating your resume!

<3 Mish


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