Look of the Day!


Hi everyone,

As a makeup artist, I often I receive requests for tutorials on how to create or replicate a specific kind of “look,” which is why I created the LOOK OF THE DAY category! In this section, I’ll be posting photos, videos, and blogs, focusing on my passion for experimenting with various types of makeup and clothing that when combined–create a unique and defined “look”.

Here we will discuss makeup and styling for special occasions like prom, school picture day, or a wedding, etc. In addition to looks inspired by holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and this fierce tiger look I created (see below) for Halloween!


This is also a great place to discuss celebrity, fashion, style, anime characters and pop-culture icon inspired looks. For example, the popular makeup tutorial I created based on the Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” music video.


Or this look, which I based on the popular movie “Black Swan”:


And let’s not forget the millions of ‘everyday looks’ we all dream up daily–because this is also where I will be featuring your photos, videos, and questions, regarding the art of reinventing yourself through various unique combinations of makeup and clothing.

I look forward to sharing my style chameleon tips with all of you and I can’t wait to watch this section of the blog grow as we share and learn together.

If you had to describe your favorite ‘look’, what would it be?

<3 Mish


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