We all have days when we wear simple outfits but wish for a little oomph without going full on galaxy dress. Whether work requires you to tone down your attire or you’re decked out in basics because you were in a rush, your personality doesn’t have to be suppressed by your wardrobe. Express yourself by allowing your accents to elevate your spirit. Here are 4 items that exude personality without being obnoxiously overpowering.

Accents That Show Personality

Bold Socks - There is something delightfully sneaky about wearing wild socks. Maybe it’s because only you know how fantastic they are when hidden in your shoes, or you love how diamonds peek out of your sandals or booties to tease all that you love. Typically socks are a bland necessity, not a unique style accent. Thanks to Living Royal that all has changed. From unicorns to emojis to kawaii style to cats, they have the wildest, most electrifying ankle and calf socks. I’m obsessed!

Statement Earrings - Statement necklaces are an automatic go-to accessory when trying to dress up your wardrobe, but statement earrings deserve as much of the limelight. If you’re wearing a plain white T or chambray top gem stone dangles will add sophistication to an otherwise casual look. If rocker or boho chic is more your style, then grab silver spikes or turquoise chandeliers and let your edgy side shine.

Custom Shape Sunglasses - As of late, I’ve been all about sunnies with a hint of unorthodox design. From the third eye shades of designers Coco & Breezy to my new cat glasses, I can’t get enough. Because you’ll likely take them off when you get down to business, your sunglasses can show off your playful and adventurous side without being a distraction when things get serious. Ever have that awkward moment when someone seems more focused on your accessories than your words? Statement sunnies let you be you, without totally stealing the stage.

iPhone Case - Ok, so it’s not a traditional accessory. But who doesn’t have their phone in their hand most of the time? Unlike jewelry or clothing, your cell phone case can loudly and proudly showcase your personality without being inappropriate for any occasion. With sites like Society6 and Zero Gravity your harmonious life can shine through with the Culture Clash case or you can go feline diva with the Cat Clutch case. Whether adorned in your favorite life motto or encouraging your inner dreamer, your case will liven up everything from a monochromatic outfit to a rich hued leather clutch. No cover is too bold, and every one has a story.

How do you mix in statement accessories? 

<3 Mish


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