As far as beauty products go, mascara isn’t all that mysterious. We all know it’s the one you don’t leave home without, and just a few swipes can instantly make your eyes pop. For those with barely there lashes, this is huge. Where the waters start to get murky is all those wand types – so that’s what we’re tackling today. You might know many of these, but the last one will surprise you!

Mascra Wand types

Not too long ago full, straight wands filled all mascara tubes. Now we have everything for curved wands to strange shapes that look like ancient torture devices (I’m looking at you ball tips!). The great thing is that no matter the type of lashes you have, there is a wand that can lengthen, volumize and define.

Thick Bristle Wand - These are meant to add fullness to existing lashes. It’s one of the most common wands (the infamous Maybelline Great Lash Mascara comes to mind) and while it can be used on everyone for a natural lash look, it’s ideal for those with shorter and thinner eyelashes. The synthetic fibers in the formulas, plus the bushiness of the brush, means you’ll get coverage and length. Smashbox Full Exposure delivers coverage like no other and because it doesn’t clump, can be built up for a bolder look. The product is now waterproof too–with the weather warming up, that’s a must!

Long, Thinner Wand - You might not think a sparse, plastic bristle wand could really make your lashes look luxurious, but they do just that. This defines each lash and coats them from root to tip – ideal for those who already have to die for thickness and want clump-free coverage. Mascara tends to dry up less on these kinds of bristles since the formula slides on and off much easier, rather than getting trapped on brush hairs.

Curved Wand - These wands mimic the natural arc of eyelashes and are meant to give you an easy, all-over application. Options like Benefit Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara not only define and coat each lash, but curl and lift them for up to 12 hours of wear. If you need an “I’m in a hurry and skipped the lash curler” mascara, then grab one of these.

Spherical Tip Wand - The small, ball shape allows you to reach each and every lash better than if you were using a larger brush. This is a fairly new style of wand, but it’s gained momentum in the beauty world because you can use it at just about every angle imaginable, meaning you’re left with a wide-eyed, polished finish.

Shaped Wand - There are so many variations of these wands – the heart shaped wand, wave wands, five ball wands like the Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara – and more. The unique structure means they can deliver volume, length, fullness and definition. Precision application is ideal for when you really want your lashes to stand out, and since our lashes don’t necessarily all grow in horizontally, these wands make sure to cover everything without over saturating each lash. 

Micro Wands - This is one you probably aren’t as familiar with, but it will blow your mind! Finally someone recognized that using a long bristled wand on your bottom lashes doesn’t always deliver the cleanest results. You can use a spherical wand to coat each strand, but micro wands like Innisfree Skinny Microcara Mascara and It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Black Mascara work on those baby bottom lashes too, so each little strand of hair (especially the short ones) get the attention they deserve.

Who here has tried them all? Any fave brands to recommend?

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