Hi everyone,

Everyone has been asking me for prom looks, but because I’ve been so busy filming amazing shows for FAWN (for you to enjoy, of course), I could only film one video. Good news, though: this makeup look is extremely versatile! You can warm up the colors or cool it back down, or even neutralize it depending on your dress. Here are some of the ways that I would suggest adapting the makeup to go with your overall look:

A White Dress – Cool/Blue Eyes
A Red Dress – Neutral Eyes
A Blue Dress – Gold Eyes
A Green Dress – Gold Eyes
A Pink Dress- Cool/Blue Eyes
A Gold Dress – Neutral Eyes

Below are some extra photos of the finished look:








It’s a beautiful, edgy look! If you’re wanting a softer look, here are my other prom tutorials that I’ve made:

Pretty Prom
Enchanting Prom

Another bonus: I used mostly drugstore products for this makeup. : )

How would you customize this makeup to match your look this prom?

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