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Makeup primers are a very useful but often ignored product that can make a world of difference for your face. Primer is the ultimate makeup multi-tasker; it controls oil production, fills in fine lines and wrinkles, provides an extra layer for the pigment in the rest of your face makeup to adhere to, and acts as an invisible buffer between your skin and the elements. Not only will the color of your foundation or tinted moisturizer look better, but it will also last longer throughout the day.



Primer is applied after sunscreen and moisturizer and before any foundation or tinted moisturizer. I love wearing primer if I don’t feel like wearing a ton of makeup but need a little bit of coverage–just throw on a little bit of pressed powder, and you’ll still look glowing and radiant!

Do you use a makeup primer? Tell me how it works for you in the comments section!

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  • ravn87

    Hi Michelle! I have a question (I really hope you look at these…lol!). Does primer have the same notorious effect as regular makeup, that is to say it’s really poor hygiene to fall asleep with it on all night, and not cleanse your face from it?

    Because I figure, if you wear primer under your makeup, just to wipe it clean and then reapply it on top off your nightly skin care routine… then it’s basically perpetually on 24/7 right? Where’s the room for your skin to breathe? I always thought since its there to act as a sealing barrier and face smoother, it would block your skin just as much…or no?

    long question short: is primer as bad as makeup to keep on?

    Thank you Michelle!! :D

    • Emsie

      You’ll definitely want to remove it! It’s makeup none-the-less and it will clog up your pores. Most primers goal is to ‘hide’ or ‘blur’ your pores and leaving primer on will not allow for your skin to breathe. I would treat it as any makeup product, if I were you, and ensure you remove it! :) Hope this helps! xx

  • Kittygomeow

    Can you use primer as a waterproof bby cream? Can it cover up flaws and imperfections alone w/o foundation on top of it?

    • Emsie

      Sometimes you can. It really depends on the primer. Some are great for if you just need a pick-me-up for your skin, others you’ll definitely want to apply something on top (even if it’s a tinted bb cream). They don’t always exactly ‘cover’ flaws though – just make your skin a little nicer. :) xx

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