Beauty Tip: Apply Your Concealer First

Hi everyone,

By now, it’s probably hammered into your brain that you apply foundation first and then you put concealer on afterwards. But if you don’t like wearing a full face of makeup yet still need the coverage, applying concealer first is a great trick. If you cover up the trouble spots first, you’ll find that you might not need to apply as much face makeup as you thought.

This will help your makeup last longer, your skin will be able to breathe better, and your makeup coverage will appear more natural. It will also help you save product, which is always a plus!



Do you apply your concealer or foundation first? Tell me what your routine is in the comments section!

Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Allure

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  • Trung

    I apply my foundation first, but I’ll try to put the concealer before. Thank you for all your advice!

  • aliana4279

    I always put the concealer first. To hide tired eyes and or dark spots then i put my foundation. I like to think of putting concealer as the first step to putting color on the face.


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