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Mascara is the perfect beauty product to open up and draw attention to your eyes. Whether you’re going for a more glamorous or natural look, mascara is the finishing touch you need.

To get a dark, full lash line, the usual technique is to apply eyeliner and then mascara. But if you are trying to achieve a more casual look and still want to place an emphasis on your lashes, try flipping your mascara wand from a horizontal position to a vertical one.



Simply hold the mascara wand vertically, and give your lashes a few good swipes back and forth. Afterwards, comb the mascara through horizontally to spread out the lashes.

This will help you get more product on your lashes, and it will be easier to reach those small ones located on the inner corners of your eyes. An added bonus is that it makes it seem like you’re wearing mascara!

Have you ever tried applying your mascara vertically? Share your stories in the comments section!

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