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A big rectangular scarf is the perfect accessory for fall because they’re so versatile. There are so many scarves to choose from and just as many ways to tie them! Whether you’re wearing it around your neck, as a skirt, or a vest, this is a fun and easy to jazz up whatever outfit you’re wearing! Check out my newest tutorial that will show you a variety of ways to tie these fabulous rectangle scarves:

This is the Theodora & Callum scarf that I used in the video:

And here are some of my other favorite rectangle scarves that you can use to create any of the looks from the tutorial:



  1. Zara Soft Minicheck Scarf
  2. JCrew Cashmere Wrap
  3. Anthropologie Kovdor Embroidered Scarf

Do you have any creative ways to tie your scarf? Share links to photos of your looks in the comments section!

<3 Mish

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