Even Out Your Eyelids Without Surgery

Hi everyone,

Having uneven eyelids is a very common occurrence that many of you might not know about. Unless you’re Denzel Washington, your face is not 100% symmetrical, so your eyes are slightly different from each other. Having uneven eyelids is not a problem unique to Asians–it is a problem that crosses all racial and ethnic boundaries. It can be a very frustrating for cosmetic reasons and simply because it’s annoying to take the extra time to do your makeup differently on each eye to try and make them look even.



The good news it that it’s possible to fake eyelid symmetry without getting surgery to correct the problem. Eyelid tape and eyelid glue (often called eye putty) are two widely available options to help you. These products allow you to naturally create a new crease over time. Eyelid glue originated in Japan in the 1970s. It was originally used to eliminate the monolid, which is where the eyelid doesn’t have a crease at all, and to create a double-lid, where there is a visible crease in the eyelid. Nowadays, both eyelid glue and tape can be used to even out eyelids.

Personally, I think tape works better because it lasts longer and creates a stronger crease than eyelid glue. The tape often comes in pre-cut double-sided strips that are easy to apply. Make sure that the tape is medical grade so that it won’t irritate your eyes. While glue looks the most natural, you have to reapply it every few hours to maintain your newly created crease. It can also get a bit messy. It all depends on personal preference. You apply the product where you want the crease to be, and then using an eyelid fork or tongs, you press back into your eyeball area so that your eyelid sticks to the glue or tape, creating a new crease.

Here are my favorite eyelid products:


D Up Eyelid Tape

Eye Talk Eyelid Glue

If you’re truly looking to even out your eyelids, using eyelid tape is best route. I recommend wearing your eyelid tape for at least 22 hours everyday for three months straight. You can wear eyeliner and mascara, but avoid wearing heavy smoky eyes and applying any makeup on the eyelid you’re correcting. There are even some eyelid tapes specific designed for a more dramatic eye makeup look:

j0tuGm66gnmo0gC1Rc4cj0fB.jpeg:Amazon:photoUsing eyelid tape or glue to even out your eyelids is a big commitment, but it will be worth it in the end if uneven eyelids are really bugging you that much. I used eyelid tape to even out my creases, and I was very pleased with the result:



Using tape or glue to even out your creases is not something to rush into. Do your research, and make sure that this is something you really want to do. Check out my latest tutorial to learn more:

The technique I used works best if you already have one natural double-lid, even if it’s not very pronounced. If you have two mono-lids, you might have to wear the tape longer than three months.

Do you use eyelid glue or tape? Have you used it on a consistent basis to even out your eyelids? Share your stories in the comments section!

<3 Mish

  • shannonx

    hi Michelle, I have watched your video and done some research and am seriously considering trying the eyelid tape. but I was wondering, before you did it, would you say your eyelids sagged a little? because I think mine do. and in your video you mentioned that this could potentially mess up and sag your eyelid.
    thank you!

    • kathywl

      if you don’t take the tape off GENTLY, and rip the tape off, then it will pull the skin of your eyelid which can lead to sagging. I think the tape is GREAT but you just have to be really careful about removing it, and moving it if you didn’t get it in exactly the right spot. If you put water on your finger and gently rub that water onto your eyelid, the tape will basically un-adhere from your skin and you can easily pull it off without pulling your skin.
      See my full experience in taping/training below.

  • Jada Olson

    I have an important question. I went to the D.U.P website but I don’t know how to order it. I tried to click on the picture of the tape but I doesn’t do anything?!? Please help. Thanks!

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  • kathywl

    Hi! I wanted to post my experience here for anyone reading this blog and the comments.
    When I was 13, my double eyelids started to form. One would flip and then the other would flip and I couldn’t wait for the day that both would flip and I would have the double eyelids I’d always wanted. Imagine my dismay when my right eye formed a permanent double eyelid and my left eye stubbornly stayed a monolid (or as my mom called it – a “hidden double.”)
    Throughout my life I’ve tried scotch tape, eyelid tape in its earlier incarnations (back when it was all weirdly textured), standing at the mirror with bobby pins in my eyelid hoping it would “stick” if I stayed there long enough.
    Finally last year at the age of 39, I’d had enough, and I looked into eyelid surgery. Unlike Michelle, I found a surgeon who would do only one eyelid but it was going to be $8,000!!! $8,000!!!!!! I almost passed out. I thought I’d get a “just one eyelid” discount. Guess NOT! So I started looking for alternatives and found this blog post and others promising that the continued and consistent use of tape or glue could “train” your eyelid into double submission.
    I bought ALL of the products on Amazon – the tape, the glue. Ultimately, it was the D.U.P. “Extra” Eyelid tape that worked for me. You can buy it on Amazon.
    I took a “before” picture on Instagram so thanks to that, I know it took 44 weeks to train my stupid stubborn eyelid. 44 weeks!! But it is now permanent!
    Just wanted anyone who is trying this and finding it takes longer than 3 months not to lose faith. It WILL work. Eventually… :)
    Good luck!!!

  • kathywl

    I wanted to leave one more tip for people who want to use the tape.
    As Michelle demonstrates in the youtube video, there’s a perforated side of the tape. I found that having a sharp corner of the tape on the inside corner of my eyelid to be extremely irritating. It felt like I was being jabbed every time I blinked. So here is what I did to make the tape comfortable to wear all day and all night:
    For every sheet of new tape, I cut the tips off the non-perforated side of the sheet. Not a lot – but enough so that one end of each piece of tape would be more “square” than pointy, if that makes sense.
    Then, when I put the tape on, I put that square side on the inside corner of my eye and the pointy end would be at the outside.


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