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The Impressionist painter Claude Monet is someone whose work never ceases to put me in a state of pure awe and wonder. His use of color is spellbinding, and while you’re looking at any one of his paintings, you feel transported to another world.

I thought it would be interesting to create beauty looks inspired by Monet’s paintings and impressionism as a whole. Try to think in color and less in terms of shape. The colors blend together in such a way that you almost feel like they couldn’t exist without the other. Look at the big picture, the overall “impression,” rather than focusing on the small details individually.

But what’s most important is to think about your impression of what’s being depicted. Whatever strikes you in any given painting, use that to come up with a way of doing your makeup that is reminiscent of the artwork.

Take a look below for some of Monet’s paintings and the makeup you’ll need to create a corresponding look:

The Painting: The Seine at Argenteuil




The Makeup: Gold or bronze shadow on the lid




The Painting: Nymphéas (1905)




The Makeup: Blue shadow as liner on the upper lash line



The Painting: Nymphéas (1904)




The Makeup: Deep green pencil eyeliner to rim the inside of the upper lash line


What does Monet’s work inspire you to do with your makeup? Take photos and post a link in the comments section! We’ll feature a few in the Member Spotlight!

Photo Credits: Art Renewal, Interagir.com, Interagir.com

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