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Sweater season is about to get started in full swing, so it’s time to bring the knitware out of storage and back in your wardrobe! For most us, it’s been quite a long time since we’ve even touched these fall staples, so they are most likely in need of a touchup.



Here are five quick tips to make sure that your sweaters are in top shape to take you through the colder seasons:

  1. To get rid of pills and lint, gently rub a pumice stone over the sweater and pull them off. You can also use a small pair of scissors or a razor blade–be careful! If you’re rushed for time, wrap masking tape around your hand and then blot the sweater with your hands.
  2. If you purchase any new sweaters this season, be sure to save the extra thread that comes with it. That way if you get any holes in it, you can take it to a tailor to make it look brand new.
  3. Fold your sweaters; don’t hang them.
  4. Wash your sweaters every eight to ten uses. If you’re washing your sweaters at home, hand wash them in a clean sink or a small plastic tub with cool water. Ideally you should use extremely gentle detergent specially formulated for wool and cashmere such as Woolite, but baby shampoo works too.
  5. To reshape sweater cuffs that have stretched out too much, pour a small amount of boiling water into a bowl and dip the edge of the cuffs inside. Reshape the cuff as you see fit, and then blow dry the area to shrink it back to the desired size.

Do you have any handy tips for taking care of your sweaters? Share them in the comments section!

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Photo Credit: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

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