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I was reading through the forum, and I noticed that lots of you have hit a roadblock of sorts when it comes to the acne products you’re using. We’ve all been there–buying eight different face washes, creams, ointments, spot treatments, toners, and facemasks at once, testing them, choosing one, switching to another, and then switching to yet another… It’s a painfully frustrating process, and what you might not realize is that it could be making your skin worse. Sometimes it helps the skin to take a break from all of the crazy regimes and to stick to something simple and gentle for a while.



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Skip all the drugstore products with long lists of ingredients, and choose the gentlest, cleanest, simplest face wash you can find. For the time being, stop looking for cleansers that specifically target acne, and look for products that just cleanse the skin.

This won’t necessarily work for everyone, but it’s worth seeing whether your skin improves from giving it a break and just letting it breathe. Although oil on your face feels like your worst enemy, they’re crucial for keeping your skin moisturized. Too much benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid can actually make your skin so dry that dead skin cells block the pores, which will just make you break out more. And even if you don’t have trouble with acne, dermatologists recommend that you take one day each week where you don’t use any product on your face. It’s all about letting your skin breathe!

Have any of you taken a skincare break? Share your stories in the comments section!

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