Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! This was such a fun week – from spending time with friends to doing a photo shoot for Ever Eden, I got to do all the things I love.

Check out these photos that I snapped along the way:



Posing for the camera at the Ever Eden Chapter 2 photo shoot!

Another shot from the Ever Eden photo shoot… I wish this were my backyard!!

Business cards don’t just belong in your wallet – they’re perfect for makeup too! Check out my new tutorial here!

I don’t care what they say. You’re never too old to play with toys!

Ever Eden again! I may look serene and elegant, but I’m actually surrounded by thorny branches…

Acting as Dom’s headrest! <3

I LOVE Korean sausage from Seoul Sausage!! No dirty comments please :)

The old mantra: work hard, play hard! ^__^

Loving my autographed Girl’s Generation CD!!

Do you have any fun activities planned for the weekend? Halloween costume shopping perhaps? Tell me what your plans are in the comments section!

<3 Mish

Photo Credit: Neil Rasmus / BFAnyc.com

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