Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

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Hi everyone,

OK. I have a freaky assignment for you today. This little exercise will show you what you look like past, present, and future. First, find yourself a mirror…

To begin, take your mirror and hold it above you. Then look up–all the way up. This is what you looked like a few years ago. Notice how tight your face looks. It’s less saggy, right?

Next, take your mirror and hold it directly in front of you at eye level. This is how you look now. Yes, shocking. Haha.

Now, here’s the freaky part: hold the mirror down in front of you and look down (as if you’re looking at your toes). This is how you will look in 5-10 years…YIKES! Take a good look at future-you… observe those sags…

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Now sprint to the store and get some anti-aging serums and creams to apply on those babies! And don’t forget to put on your sunscreen before you go! And drink lots of water!

Good luck!

<3 Mish


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