Even though I choose to be minimal with most of my room décor, I love the idea of having a few amazing pieces that rep what I’m into at the moment. As it turns out, I’m not the only one nerding out when it comes to science and nature décor! There are so many “out of this world” products, it’s not tough to create a bedroom that’s the perfect space theme. These moon-inspired pieces are like a grownup take on those glow in the dark decals we stuck on the ceiling as kids (okay, they’re still pretty cool)—only much more interesting:

Moon Phase Home Decor | MichellePhan.com


Moon Themed Wall Art

A fabulous option for galaxy and moon themed décor is wall art, and with sites like Etsy and Society6, options are basically endless. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pastel explosion that is artist Marta Olga Klara’s Moon Print from Society6, but it doesn’t stop there. Moon phases are so fascinating and evolution is art in itself, so both this Monochrome Moon Phases Canvas (perfect for above your bed) and pastel printable from Nomad Printables are ways to satisfy your art craving.

DIY Wall Art

If these ready-made options aren’t to your liking, why not craft a moon-themed masterpiece yourself? Get a little help starting with this DIY Moon Phases Cross Stitch Kit from Scoutmob Shoppe which comes complete with a full color pattern card and legend, a hoop, fabric, floss and needle. Or, you could always start with a tutorial from a blog like Oh Happy Day with these DIY moon phase piñatas that you can string together for a wall garland. Throwing a party in honor of your newly made piñata = optional.

Décor & Housewares

For small spaces, functional is the way to go – you won’t have a ton of empty walls for décor. Well, what’s not functional about a moon clock?! Or there’s LEIF’s Moon Leather Coasters, which are moon-textured coasters inspired by the Japanese ink marbling technique and available in three shades. Now, the Crystal Moon Snow Globe is slightly less convincing when it comes to functionality, but as for uniqueness—it wins. Lastly, no shame in wanting a night light, especially when you can have the moon in your room. No one will say a thing about plugging in this moon light to find your way to the bathroom at night.

Do you have anything space-themed? Try my DIY Galaxy Print for more space decor.

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