DIY Small Jewelry Trays |

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and as much as we’d all love to shower our moms with gifts, sometimes the best ones are handcrafted. Moms do so much for us and never ask for anything in return–even though they totally deserve a day of pampering every now and then (certainly more than once a year!). I love to give a thoughtful, creative gift to Mama Phan whenever possible, because I know she appreciates the sentiment. And not only is this a great creative gift, it’s as good as it gets if you’re on a budget! Bonus points if you can whip up something as useful as these little catchall jewelry trays (which could easily be transformed for a desk or hair clip holder too). All you need are a couple mason jar lids (often found floating around loose in kitchen drawers) and cute paper or fabric for backing. Here’s what you do…

DIY Small Jewelry Trays |

DIY Jewelry Tray

1. Gather your materials. You’ll need two mason jar lids, cardstock or even patterned fabric in a style your mom will love, paint, scissors, glue and a pencil for tracing the circle.

2. Paint the rim of the lid. You can do this by dipping it in paint or using a small brush. Let dry completely.

3. Trace and cut out your circle.

4. Glue the circles into their lids, let dry. Now is a good time to touch up any excess paint, also allowing it to dry.

5. If you want the trays to stick together as one unit, you can glue them together. To create a more sturdy tray, use a very thick cardstock and trace the entire unit. Cut out the shape.

6. Adhere the trays with a dab of glue and attach to the backing so they don’t slide apart. Done!

DIY Small Jewelry Trays |

Feel free to add a little handmade jewelry or beauty samples your mom would love! And while you’re at it, why not make a few for other special occasions? Such an easy, fun gift ^_^.

Stay tuned later this week for a video with more Mother’s Day DIYs!

<3 Mish

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