Spring is in full swing – people are retiring their booties and raincoats and opting for something a little more effortless: spring dresses, flats and maybe a light jacket for the morning. Even if it’s not that warm yet, I think the anticipation fuels our need to shed some layers around this time of year. There are also events popping up everywhere from weddings to dances to parties and it can seem like you need a whole new ensemble for each and every one. Luckily, you can likely head into every event in style if you have these four dress types in your closet:

The Date Dress

Must Have Dresses for Spring Events
Tulle skirt prom dress, Sequin kimono dress, Bodycon lace dress

Perfect for: Spring dances and date nights 

If you’ve got a spring dance or party to attend, a flirty dress is a low-key alternative to your average semi-formal getup. These dresses have subtle sparkle, tulle or a little lace and work for dinner dates with that special someone too. I like the dress in the middle for a dressy take on a wrap maxi dress; it’s sophisticated yet fun, and all you need are a killer pair of heels and a clutch to go along with it.

The Bohemian Dress

Must Have Dresses for Spring Events
Lace shift dress, Fit ‘n flare mini dress, Floral maxi dress

Perfect for: Brunch with friends or weekend errands

Going boho is still a huge trend this spring and it’s one of few ways to achieve an effortlessly chic look without having to go extraordinary lengths. All you need to accessorize these are a pair of strappy sandals and a long gold necklace or headpiece.

The Guest Dress

Must Have Dresses for Spring Events
Pleated skater dress, Bodycon wrap dress, Cami layer dress

Perfect for: Casual weddings, dinners, and graduation parties

Naturally you may be a guest to all sorts of events this season so your attire will shift accordingly, but a simple and light day dress in a pretty pastel is versatile enough for anything from a work get together to a graduation party – throw on a structured jacket or cute blazer if you need to look a little more polished without going too formal. Of course, if the event has a dress code, be sure to keep that in mind, weddings especially!

The Sun Dress

Must Have Dresses for Spring Events
Bright N Happy maxi, Oversized floral maxiJaws tank dress

Perfect for: Unexpected beach days and lounging in the sun (of course) 

This dress is for unusually warm and sunny spring days, those first days you get to hit the beach or go for a long walk without needing a jacket in the morning. It’ll carry you into summer BBQs and nights under the stars with effortless wear.

Have you been breaking out the dresses this spring?

<3 Mish


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