Must vs. Lust: Wedge Sneakers

Hi everyone,

Did you guys notice the wedge sneakers trend that was big this past year? I love this type of shoe!


Wedge sneakers are the epitome of downtown cool plus a dash of Parisian chic à la Isabel Marant. It’s like having the comfort of Converses with the stylishness of ankle boots. You could pair them with a dress for a relaxed girlie look and with dark skinny jeans and an army jacket to give off a distinctly edgy vibe. No matter what outfit you wear, you’ll look casual cool. Who doesn’t love that?! The quintessential high-end version of the wedge sneaker comes from Parisian designer Isabel Marant, priced at around $725. But there are several more affordable versions out there too, like Ash at a more reasonable $195.



Check out some more must-priced wedge sneakers:



So what do you think? Are wedge sneakers a must or a lust for you? Let me know in the comments section, and if you have photos of you rocking this trendy shoe, post links to your photos!

<3 Mish

Photo Source: Cool Spotters


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