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Hi everyone,

I’ve told you my resolutions, my bad habits, and now it’s time to share some predictions. While I don’t really follow trends–most of my inspiration comes from you guys!–I do have a couple thoughts on what will be big in beauty in 2012.

Beauty Trend #1: The Natural Look

The trend last year was for a super dramatic look, but already this year it’s all about the clean, natural look. I really like how light and fresh this look is.

Beauty Trend #2: Strong Lips

I think strong lips will complement the natural look nicely and would add a touch of color and life. Lipstick in general seems to be becoming more popular (click here to see how you can use the same tube of lipstick to achieve more than 4 different lip looks.)

What are your 2012 beauty predictions? What do you think will become the next popular look?

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