My Quick Beauty Tips for Home and On-the-Go!

rB88DBn4jhy9tHCbhIq7CqQY.png:Amazon:photoHey everyone,

Today, I’m sharing a few quick tips for staying beautiful whether you’re at home or traveling.

Beauty On-the-Go:


Whenever I go to beauty stores or hotels, I like to ask for extra toothpaste and extra beauty samples like moisturizers, etc., so that I can bring them with me when I travel. It’s a pain to bring full sized items, they should stay at home. I like to buy travel sized products or collect mini versions of everything. Freebies are the way to go!


When traveling, pack plenty of panties but always pack panty liners for emergencies! If you know what I mean!


Don’t waste precious space with a blow dryer, usually hotels will have them there. Instead, bring a flat iron or curling iron. I usually bring a flat iron because I can use it to straighten my hair and curl my hair. There is a trick for that!


Always, always, always pack your vitamins, gosh knows what you might catch on an airplane!

Combine these on-the-go beauty tips with my How to Pack…Like a Boss!” tips from yesterday, and you’re sure to have a beautiful trip!

Beauty Tips for Home:


Lightly spray water on your face and smooth out your foundation with a damp sponge. It should water down the formula and smooth out the texture!


Nail Polish Express: If you want your nail polish to dry faster, just dip your fingers in a bowl of ice. Not only will the icy water dry the polish faster, but you’ll give your fingers a nice refreshing soak in this crazy summer heat!


Summer Scent: Want your fragrance to last longer in this heat? Mix in a few drops of your perfume with fragrance free moisturizer and apply this on your skin. You’re going to smell extra nice and your fragrance will last longer!

Let me know if you’re going to try one of my quick tips in the comment section below. Good luck!

<3 Mish


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