Hi everyone,

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and while it’s incredibly fun and rewarding, it can definitely wear a body out! This photo was taken after getting into New York City at 1AM from New Zealand and then waking up at 5AM the following morning… X_X

There was no time to sleep, though, so I opted for some eye patches and espresso instead. I’ve gotten so many questions about the eye patches since posting this photo, so I thought I’d share a little more about them today. : ) They are a Japanese product from Biore – here’s a photo of the pack:


They’re great! The self adhesive eye masks reduces bags and puffiness. I use these in the early mornings when my eyes are extra puffy, and within 15 minutes, the puffiness is gone! Coffee scrub is another great wake-me-upper for your skin. It helps reduce puffiness too by removing excess water from the skin. And let’s be honest – on those mornings when you’re extra sleepy, more coffee always sounds like a great idea!

What do you add to your routine when you’re sleep deprived?

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