My Second Ever Eden Collection is Here!


I’m so excited to share with you my second Ever Eden jewelry collection! I’ve been working so hard on it and I wanted to share my inspiration for this season. The first chapter of Ever Eden was inspired by a tale I heard growing up, of the great Joan of Arc. For its second chapter I wanted to keep with a historical reference as a starting inspiration. I began to think of romance and what it means today. What better inspiration than the greatest romance that ever was – Romeo and Juliet. Using Juliet as my muse, I wanted to transfer the elegance and royalty of that time to work for today’s modern woman.

This beautiful shot captures the modern romance of Ever Eden Chapter Two. Wearing this beyond gorgeous satin oxblood dress (with matching ruby red lips!), I felt like Juliet waiting on the balcony for Romeo. For this look I wore the Crown of Love Head Piece and the matching Crown of Love Earrings (which come in clear and black diamond crystal). I added some regal drama with the Veil of Love Body Necklace – the perfect statement piece! And completed the look with the Glove of Love Hand Piece.

Stayed tuned next week when I talk about the Star Crossed Lover pieces.

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