My Week in Photos

Hi everyone,

This week was sort of a mixed bag for me…there were definitely some ups and downs! I worked on some new projects, uploaded two new videos and revealed that I’m teaming up with Vogue on an exciting project that I want all my subbies to be a part of (details here). Checking my phone and seeing 58 new voicemails was a big wake up call and made me realize how truly busy I really am…but it’s not so bad when you’re having so much fun along the way :)

See what I’ve been up to in the photos below…


I don’t even have time to check my phone anymore – but I love my job! #workaholic


A selfie while heading home to edit a new video for you guys!


My Vietnamese name is Tuyet Bang, aka Avalanche. Never forget your roots.


Play day with @elaineelteroth and before uploading my bonus video!


Shots from my new Summer Faves video! Watch it here.


Vogue and I teamed up to create a video for YOU! Thank you to everyone who voted!! I’m so excited to unveil the winning look – stay tuned…


My new video is a must see if you want to understand more about sunscreen, why we should use it and which ones to use!


Can’t wait to see The Dom. Stay tuned for a special video next Friday! ^_^


Didn’t expect to see my tutorial on a giant screen! Say hello to my little dragon!


Oh, just another Saturday at work!


Movie time! This was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. It fulfilled my hunger for mechs, aliens, swordplay, epic fighting and romance.


Showing off the details! Makeup, an accessory to the face.


My message to the beautiful, inspiring Talia… Whenever I look up at the sky, I know you’ll be smiling back. Thank you for showing us the joy of life. We love you.


Le lipstick ring…


Editing editing editing! Can you guess what this video is? Can’t wait to upload this baby!


What was the highlight of your week? Tell me about it in the comments.

<3 Mish


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