My Week in Photos

Hi everyone,

This week, I unveiled my latest video – I had so much fun kicking butt and sharing my tips on fixing cracked makeup :) I also learned how to do 200 sit ups in under ten minutes (ouch…) and decided to change up my hair color for summer…

Check out my week in the pictures below!


Got a few bruises from my action-packed new video… how to knock a guy out and fix your broken makeup all in one! Special thanks to my friend Swoozie for being my punching bag!


Missing the main star Swoozie but a huge thanks to my awesome crew for bringing my latest video to life! 


So excited that I got to see this guy :)


This is from my sister Christine who taught me how to do 200 crunches in under ten minutes. Now it hurts when I laugh!!


Went straight from the plane to a salon chair…. Guess what color I’m going for?


More from my midnight hair coloring session! I feel like a baked potato with all this foil…




A sneak peek at my new hair color. Stay tuned for the reveal of my custom color courtesy of Guy Tang!


A makeup testing session! Eyeliner stickers, BB cream, Korean skincare and an airbrush spray


Did you try anything new this week? Share with me in the comments!


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