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Hi everyone,

How was everyone’s week? It was so nice having a 3-day weekend…I could definitely get used to that! This week, I was a total night owl and stayed up late editing videos and preparing for something really exciting that’s happening this weekend: Generation Beauty! I hope to see all of you there…we’re going to have so much fun :) Below, some other snapshots from my week:


…because the darker the night, the brighter they shine.


The moon looked unreal this night!


Was so nice having a 3-day weekend!


We tried smiling with our eyes…


Who else is a night owl??


Hanging with this lil guy on Memorial Day!


I’ve been sporting straighter brows lately! Def my current favorite brow shape.


Every morning I make my own cloth mask. It makes my skin look more alive and awake (even though I look like a zombie with it on…)


 Sooo excited for Generation Beauty! Can’t wait to meet all of you!!


Trying on Daenerys wedding dress from Game of Thrones, handmade by @TheIronRing.  So excited to recreate her look!! Now I just need someone to be Khal Drogo…


My newest video! The story continues…here’s a sneak peek into my next chapter


Are any of you night owls too? Who’s going to Generation Beauty? Let me know in the comments – can’t wait!

<3 Mish

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  1. ochibichinita says:

    NIght owls! :”>

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