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Hi everyone,

This week really flew by! First, I posted my Cara Delevingne makeup look. What did you all think? Then, I was busy shooting and editing today’s Señorita video. It took me awhile to come up with the perfect name for this look but thanks to my subbies I had a lot of suggestions on Instagram to work with ;)

Thursday was a special day because we had a meet and greet in NY for em! It was a perfect way to unwind while getting to know some of the people who have supported me in this journey.  Thanks to everyone who came out – I loved meeting each and every one of you!

See what else happened this week in the photos below…


As promised, the bold, NY Fashion Week inspired Cara Delevingne video tutorial is live!


This is the look I had so much trouble naming…


Here were some of the name suggestions: Strong Elegance, Sunset Red, Enchanted Rose, and a funny one from @deeana_ronaldo7… “Dat Passion”.  In the end I went with Señorita!


Readers from New York…. Did you know we had a meet and greet for emcosmetics? Let me know if you attended! So much fun!


We will never forget. Forever in our hearts.


Find your strength and your motivation, and you’ll be an unstoppable force.


The view from my room… Praying for peace and love.


This video played at the meet ‘n greet on Thursday in NYC!


And of course a Throwback Thursday photo! Last year with BIGBANG! Who’s your BB bias? Mine is G-Dragon.

This has been an inspiring week and I am glad I got to share it by having a meet and greet!

What inspired you this week? Tell me about it below!

<3 Mish

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