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Hi everyone,

This was a life-changing week! First, I showed you all how to strut your stuff in my video, How to Walk in Heels. Then I showed off some perfect first day outfits for back to school season. And then came a major announcement – I officially launched my new makeup line, em michelle phan!! After keeping it a secret for two years, I was finally able to share every detail of my journey in creating em. It was such an inspiring week and I definitely felt the support from all of you <3  I can’t wait to hear what all of you think!

See all the details of my week in photos below…


Dramatic eyes and luscious eyelashes!


Lip + skincare products for the day. I change up my products every month so I’ll make sure to update you guys!


Have you ever tried dip soba noodles? They’re healthy and you can make them at home!


Posted this pic while I was missing Dom this week!


The first time I wore makeup, I was five years old. My mother applied red lipstick on my lips and cheeks… I was a lion for Halloween. When was the first time you wore makeup? #empowerme


Loved all the fringe and glittery details on this dress! I tried on so many for em’s launch party and picked the perfect fairytale dress!


A casual work outfit that is perfect for running around the office. By the way, these are sneaker wedges!

Thanking my new sisters I made along the way… I truly couldn’t have done it without them. #mynextchapter


I documented the exciting em launch through my own eyes using Google Glass! 
Talk about tech-chic ^_^

Have you had the chance to check out em? Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend!

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<3 Mish


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