Nail art is fun (especially in the summer – have you given these watermelon nails a try?) but sometimes the best pair for a summer dress or even a casual t-shirt and jeans look is neutral. But fear not, color lovers, because neutral nails no longer means boring beige and basic brown. These new neutrals are where it’s at this year, and they range from near-pastels to shiny nudes:

Nail Polish New Neutrals


HIPPxRGB, Ciate Cookies and Cream, Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige, NCLA Tutus & Traffic Violations, essie Coconut Cove, Deborah Lippmann Dirty Little Secret, Ciate Antique Brooch

What do you think of these new nail polish neutrals? The nude nail foundations from RGB and NCLA’s Tutus & Traffic Violations are both for those of you on the hunt for a subtle neutral, while if your idea of neutral also contains a little sparkle (because why not?) you might try Deborah Lippman or Ciate’s Antique Brooch. Read the descriptions on the graphic above and find your perfect match!

Do you have any neutral nail colors? Share your faves below!

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