New Tutorial: DIY Cellulite-Reducing Scrub

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I love a good DIY beauty treatment. Often the solutions to some of the biggest beauty woes can be found right in your kitchen. If you or anyone in your family is a coffee lover (like me!), be sure to hold on to those coffee grounds after the morning pot is brewed. This coffee and olive oil scrub will help reduce cellulite while it exfoliates the skin. Check out my DIY beauty tip in the video below:

So now you know that coffee can help reduce cellulite, but did you know that coffee has tons of other everyday uses? Check out my 3 favorite ideas to make the most of every cup!


  1. Get shiny hair. Coffee can be used as a natural treatment to make hair extra-glossy. Brew a pot of extra-strong coffee, let it cool and apply it to clean, dry hair. Rinse it out after about 20 minutes for glossy locks. But blondes beware; this treatment could temporarily leave a slight tint to the hair.

  2. Deodorize your fridge or any other space. Place a bowl of unused coffee grounds in your fridge to absorb odor and keep it smelling fresh. This trick will work on other spaces too. Fill a doubled-up stocking with dry grounds, tie it off into a ball and you’ve a got a coffee air freshener.
  3. Make interesting brush holders. Coffee beans look great on display. Fill the bottom of the cup you use to hold your makeup brushes with stale coffee beans for a unique presentation.

Do you know of any other uses for coffee?

Let me know in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Charter House Interiors
Sources: Reader’s Digest, Yahoo Shine, This Old House, Instructables


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