New Tutorial: Glamorous and Sultry Wedding Looks

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Weddings call for a very special kind of beauty. You really have to love the makeup you wear on your wedding day. Those pictures will be with you for a lifetime, so choose a look that suits your personality. Today I’m going to show you two beautiful looks that will make you shine on your wedding day, whenever that may be.


Even if you aren’t planning on getting married anytime soon, I bet you will be attending a wedding at some point this season. Figuring out what to wear as a wedding guest can be almost as difficult as figuring out what to wear to your own. So here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind when the wedding invitations start pouring in this spring:

  • Don’t upstage the bride. This goes without saying, but remember subtlety is always best when you’re a guest. Keep your look pretty and simple. And even though cream-colored attire is usually acceptable, the age-old rule of avoiding white still applies.
  • Black is only for formal weddings. Try to stay away from wearing black to an afternoon wedding, but for a formal wedding in the evening black is fine.
  • Always look polished. Even if the wedding is casual it’s still a wedding, so you’ll want to look put together. And absolutely no jeans ever!
  • When in doubt, look to the venue. Decoding wedding dress code can be difficult, but the venue can tell you a lot about what you should or shouldn’t wear. Anything outdoors or on the beach is likely to be semi-formal or casual. If the wedding is in a hotel ballroom, it probably calls for more formal attire.


Now that you have an idea of what’s appropriate, here are a few wedding looks to help get the outfit planning started:



Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section!

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