New Tutorial: Glinda-Inspired Makeup & the Costumes of Oz The Great and Powerful!

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I’ve showed you how to be a heartbreaker, a Bond girl, and even a zombie. But now it’s time to create the ultimate good girl look – Glinda the Good Witch! Here’s how you recreate Glinda’s sweet and gentle look:


Did you happen to notice the beautiful dress in the background of my video? It was one of the actual costumes that Michelle Williams wore as Glinda in Oz The Great and Powerful! Pretty amazing, right?! Here’s a look at the Oscar-nominated actress in the costume for the new film and a look at the different interpretations of Glinda the Good Witch:



ALL of the costumes in the new Oz movie are really spectacular. Academy Award-winning costume designer Gary Jones designed them, and FAWN recently met up with him to get the inside scoop on both the costumes and the costume design process for the film. Check it out in the video below… the Glinda costume should look familiar! :)

First Look: The Costumes of Oz The Great and Powerful with Costume Designer Gary Jones:


What do you think of Glinda’s look and the costumes? Let me know in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Andrew Garvey, IMDb


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