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Hi everyone, 

In my newest video, I’m tackling a pesky topic that affects everyone: bloating.  Have you ever noticed that on some days your belly just feels bigger for some reason?   There are a lot of causes that contribute to belly bloat, and they’re very easy to avoid once you’re aware of them.  Watch my video below to see how you can reduce bloating and help your stomach look its best:

One of the suggestions I give in my video is to make a healthy juice – it’s my favorite way to get nutrients in my body! Plus, it’s fantastic for your skin :) Here’s a yummy green juice recipe to try:



1 cucumber
1 handful of kale
2 celery stalks
1 apple
½ lemon, squeezed
Optional:  1 piece of fresh ginger

Process all of these ingredients in a juicer and enjoy! This juice will help reduce bloat and give your body a big dose of nutrients.  Here’s how: 

Cucumber is an amazing source of B vitamins, which give you energy.  They’re also extremely hydrating and the vitamin C in them is great for your skin

Kale contains a huge serving of vitamin K, which can reduce your overall risk of developing cancer according to WebMD.  One cup of this superfood has only 36 calories, 180% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C and 1,020% of vitamin K!

Celery also contains a nice serving of vitamin K, as well as a compound called Phthalides that is said to help lower stress levels.  It also contains flavonoids that are thought to help decrease inflammation.

Apples have natural sugars that your body can turn into energy. Also, its high fiber content is absorbed slowly into your body, giving you a nice, steady source of energy (instead of the sudden surge and crash from coffee).

Lemons can help stimulate digestion and increase the utilization of fats in your body.  The liver produces more enzymes from lemon and lime juice than any other food – these enzymes help you digest the food you eat everyday.  Bye, bye bloat!

Ginger is an acquired taste, but adding a small piece into your juice can aid your digestive health, reduce nausea and get rid of inflammation.


Have you ever juiced? Share your favorite juice recipes with me in the comments!

 <3 Mish


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  1. sigi says:

    sounds great!
    I’ll try it right now.

  2. natenathe says:

    can I substitute the kale with broccoli? :D

  3. Tasneemk says:

    Thanks Michelle. I GOTTA ASK! How do you lose weight fast???? Your body is so good looking and I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to be a healthy person not just appealing but healthy as well. HELP!

  4. preety says:

    hi michelle , love your all videos..
    can you please do video on, how to reduce chubby cheeks?

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