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Just because us ladies wear makeup on an almost daily basis doesn’t mean that we get to have all the fun on Halloween! If he’s up for it, turning your man into a hottie zombie from the upcoming film, Warm Bodies, is a great way for him to turn up the Halloween ante to the extreme. Plus you get to experiment with makeup on someone else, which is always a nice change. Check out my latest tutorial for instructions and tips on how to create this look on him:

Have you ever noticed in your regular makeup routine how the darker eye shadow sometimes sticks to the sides of your nose? This is exactly what you want to have happen when creating any sort of zombie, ghost, or living undead look. But this time, you’re doing it on purpose! Instead of brushing the eye shadow out towards the outer corner of the eye like I usually do, I swept the eye shadow brush toward the bridge of Dominique’s nose to create this hottie zombie look. This is crucial for getting that sunken, sallow look in the eyes. Lightly use your brush to blend the dark eye shadow in, and then he’ll truly look like a zombie straight out of the movies! Try not to be scared when you see the final look ^__^



It’s the small things like this funky reverse eye shadow technique that make me love creating transformative looks and doing them on other people. Not only does it allow you let loose and push the boundaries with makeup, but it also helps you understand what works and why for your daily beauty regime.

Will you try this hottie zombie look on your man for your Halloween celebrations tonight? Let me know in the comments section!

<3 Mish

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