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The change of the seasons calls for a little spring cleaning! This year I’m cleaning out my closet the environmentally conscious way, which just got easier thanks to H&M. And to help make your spring cleaning a little easier, I’ve teamed up with H&M to bring you a few easy tips on how to clean out your closet and be a more conscious shopper. Check it out to see how easy and rewarding it is to do your part for the environment:


It’s incredible to think that every year tons of textiles end up in landfills, but as much as 95% of these textiles can be recycled. To help combat this waste, all H&M stores worldwide now offer garment recycling services. H&M will accept any piece of clothing, from any brand, in any condition. Your donated clothes could end up being worn again, turned into cleaning cloths or even used to produce energy!

Bring up to two bags of clothing a day and receive a voucher for 15% off any one item of your choice for each bag you donate. AND if you donate before March 31st, you will receive a special ticket that will bump up your discount to 15% off your entire purchase and offer you a chance to win one of the many great prizes. Pretty good deal right?! Protect the environment and get a little spring shopping in!

“H&M Conscious” is more than just garment recycling; it’s a whole new initiative that’s taking “Conscious Actions” to help build a more sustainable future for us all. So far 2.3 million garments have been donated to charities across the globe and 100 million liters of water have been saved in denim production. Find out more on hmconscious.com.

So spread the word; let’s all join in and “Don’t Let Fashion Go to Waste!” And to really raise awareness about this amazing initiative, I want you to take a photo or video when you make your donation at H&M, include the hashtag #LongLiveFashion and post it to your social media channels and also to your profile right here on MichellePhan.com.

Do you know of any other ways to be a conscious shopper? Share your ideas in the comments section! 

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