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Wine is often lauded for its health benefits, thanks in most part to the antioxidants that may help lower your risk of heart disease. But you don’t need to drink wine to reap the bountiful spoils it has to offer. A popular story amongst those who work at vineyards tells of women who would take the sap from the vine and apply to their face to get rid of freckles and improve their complexions.

Whether you’re looking for a DIY wine beauty fix or products that contain the ingredients used to make wine, here are three my favorite ways to add a twist to your beauty routine with some wine:

Put the antioxidants in wine to work on your face by using a wine facemask. Watch my newest tutorial for my simple, step-by-step instructions on my go-to DIY wine skincare mask.


Champagne works wonders to make your hair softer, smoother, and silkier. It works especially well for blondes. Simply mix equal parts warm water and champagne, and work it evenly through your hair. Then wash and rinse your hair as you normally do.


You can also look for products that contain the extracts from the actual grapes used to make wine. The ingredient to look for resveratrol. This antioxidant helps prevent premature aging by fighting free radicals, increasing collagen production, and assisting in DNA cell repair. A few products that contain this ingredient include the Serious Skincare X5 Resveratrol Concentrate, Preserves Wine Blot Lip Therapy, and Caudalie’s Vinexpert Firming Serum.

Have you ever used wine for at-home beauty treatments? Do you have any wine-based beauty DIYs? Let me know in the comments section!


Photo Credit: The Telegraph, Home Shopping Network, Neiman Marcus, Caudalie

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