New Video: Wake Up With Me in NYC


Hi everyone, 

Ever wonder what I do when I’m not filming and editing my videos?  My newest video will give you a peek! This is just one day of work at NYC – every day is a different adventure and they’re never the same :)  Lately, I’ve been super busy with the launch of my new makeup line em michelle phan.  I love hearing all of your feedback and thoughts.  After all, this line was inspired by all of you! If you give the products a try, make sure to write a review, Instagram a photo or just comment and tell me what you think!

Ready to wake up with me in NY? Here we go…



Let me know if you guys want to see me do a “Wake Up With Me in LA” video! ^_^ 

What’s the best part of your daily routine? Mine might just be coming home to Dom and a home-cooked meal…


<3 Mish


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